Annual Stryber Corporate Venture Building Report // MENA 2023

In our inaugural annual MENA CVB report, we analyse the data, trends, and drivers behind the changes observed in Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) investment, M&A and Corporate Venture Building (CVB) activities in the MENA region in 2022.
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Key insights

External investments remaining stable

The stability in investments in ‘22 was caused by VC growth of 18% that was negated by a CVC decline of 30%

Increase in M&A activity

MENA has seen an increase in total M&A activity of 16% in deals and a 3.7x growth in value largely fuelled by Sovereign Wealth Funds and Government Regulated Entities

Venture Building young but evolving rapidly

The total number of venture builders increased by 21% from 28 to 34, with Internal Venture Builders growing faster than Corporate Venture Builders

About the authors


Hussam Khalil

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Venture Architect

Riccardo Ongaro

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Chief of Venture Operations

Matthieu van Haperen

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Associate Partner

Robert Högler

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