5 Lessons on Innovation by Jan Sedlacek

Jan Sedlacek, Co-Founder of Stryber, shares his curated knowledge embedded into a video series of "5 Lessons on Innovation". Sign up to get all videos exclusively upon release!
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Key insights

Episode #2: Diversification

We could prove that diversified companies increased shareholder value by more than 50%. Check out the Diversification Study for more details.

Episode #3: Not all roads lead to Rome

Corporates are tempted by the idea of putting little money into a start-up, hoping to achieve high returns down the line. Find out what works instead.

Episode #4: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Single, big bets often don't deliver on the expected outcome. It is less risky to spread your bets early on.

Episode #5: Keep the new away from the old

About the authors

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Jan Sedlacek

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